Friday, August 20, 2010

Sassy girl buys new paddle.

Well i bought a new paddle.  couldnt resist.  Been so stressed out lately and know I could use a good spanking from the hubby.  I have been so snitty lately I thought he would just give me one.  But I think he prefers me to bring it up first.  I have had 5 spankings since the first one and each time i have brought it up.  I have explained to him if he feels I am in need of one he should initiate.  But I guess this is still new to us. So, going to put new paddle on the nightstand and see if it peeks his interest.  I can already feel the sting.

Here is a picture of the new paddle I bought.  :)

my first spanking

My first spanking
After 10 years of marriage i wanted to spice things up in the bedroom.  I sat my husband down and told him my fantasies. To his delight he told me of his.  First thing we had to do was research.  Thank you internet !!  Then we went shopping.  Costumes and toys packed in the car and off we went to a weekend away.  Hotel suite with a heart shaped tub, Mirrors, and a big bed.    Then with some dressing up  we decided on some role play.  I was so surprised how easily he got into character of the headmaster.  And i being nervous of this new adventure was easily a scared school girl.  He explained why i was in trouble and i needed punishment.  He took my hand  and with love and firmness placed me over his knee.  Lifting my tiny skirt, revealing my panties.  The strength of is arms held me tight.  I was at his mercy.  Then he told me it would begin.  He was gently and slow at first.  Then he told me that was my warm up.  He pulled my panties down to my ankles  and began to redden my bottom.  His firm Hand  creating warmth and stings with each blow.  As tears came from my eyes  and yelps from my mouth  he didnt give up.  As i struggled to move his grip got tighter, his slaps got stronger.  when it was finally over  he rubbed me and guided me to the corner.  Then he went over to the selection of paddles we and purchased together.  He informed me he didnt feel i learned my lesson  and would need a harshing spanking.  I quivered. i was speecless.  wiping my tears.  He guided me over to the chair in the middle of the room. He kissed my forehead and in one swoop i was bent over the chair.  using the wooden paddle he struck my cheek.  with the sting i burst into tears.  this went on for 30 swats.  My bottom red, sobbing like a little girl, he picked me up and brought me to the bed.  He proceded to make love to me with such kindness yet forcefulness.  i cried , i moaned, It was so amazing.  I knew our sexual relationship was growing and was going to be so much better.